Heath Tyres Cardiff stock a vast range of car tyres from high-performance tyres to basic budget tyres and everything in between.

Car TyresPremium car tyres – Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop

Mid-range – Kumho, Marshal, Falken, Toyo, uni royal, Hankook, Firestone, Sumitomo

For over 10 years we’ve stocked, sold and pushed the Kumho brand as a reliable mid-range tyre and at a reasonable price, we now have many returning customers who have purchased the Kumho car tyre and want the same tyre again. Kumho has a full range of tyres for smaller cars to the high-performance cars to the 4×4 to hybrid vehicles.

We are a member of the Michelin certified quality centre, meaning we meet the standards that Michelin demand and require to be able to fit and repair Michelin tyres.

Punctures – we repair all kinds of car tyres from wheelbarrow tyres to high-end performance run-flat tyres.

Wheel alignment – we use the best equipment to check if your car’s wheel alignment is within tolerance, correct wheel alignment improves road handling and maximises the tyres overall life.

If your car’s wheel alignment is not as it should be it can cause your tyres to wear out much quicker without you even knowing in some cases.

How would you know you need your wheel alignment checking?

  1. Uneven tyre wear
  2. Steering wheel being off-centre when driving in a straight line
  3. Vehicle pulling either to the left or the right

Wheel balancing – Wheel balancing is another important factor in tyres life.

We use state of the art machines to ensure the wheels of your car are correctly balanced.

If your tyre is incorrectly balanced it can cause problems while driving such as –

– A vibration through the steering wheel (normally caused by the front wheels being out of balance)

– A vibration through the floor of the car or the back seats (caused by rear wheels out of balance)


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