Car and Van Batteries in Cardiff

Car BatteryThe car battery is a bit like the heart of your engine. If it works properly, so does your engine.

Why is the car battery important?

The main task of a battery is to provide the energy your engine needs to get going. It also supports other electronic devices of the car such as lights, radio, etc..

How do I know when something is wrong with the battery?

If your car doesn’t start or it starts but the starter is working very slowly, this indicates that there is a problem with your battery. You should also pay attention to the sign on the dashboard that stands for “battery”. If there is a problem with the battery, the sign will be red.

How to avoid problems with your battery

In wintertime, there’s a greater risk because your engine needs more energy to start and the performance of the battery drops at lower temperatures. And you also use more devices that need energy such as lights, windscreen heating, fog lights, etc. This is why most battery problems occur during the winter season.

To avoid problems with the car battery, we advise you to:

  • not leave the car parked with its lights or radio on,
  • avoid using cars for short-distance trips only (the battery requires a 30-35 km trip to recharge the energy used to start the car).

Contact us as soon as you experience problems.

How often should I change the car battery?

The battery loses performance over time. Its lifetime depends on a number of factors and can be reduced by, for example, a lot of short trips. On average, the battery’s lifetime is about four-six years.

Help, my battery’s empty. Now what do I do?

You need two things: the help of another car and jumper cables. Remember to connect positive to positive and to keep the engine running on the car with a good battery. However, remember this is just a short-term solution. We advise you to visit the Heath specialists as soon as your car has started again. We will assist you with professional help and advice.